Rent for a Family Affected by COVID-19

Jerome is a christian orthodox from Rwanda. Since the beginning of 2020 he has been living in a rented home along with his wife, Martha, and his children – Nicoleta, Cleopas and Helena (all baptized). They live in a good neighborhood, close to schools and a church. They also have access to all necessary infrastructure.

When they signed their renter’s agreement (RWF 800.000 = $84 per month) they thought they would be able to cover all their costs of living. They had no idea what was coming. Their life is simple: he works in agriculture – raising animals, she has a small business selling clothes. Due to the coronavirus pandemic their monthly income has been reduced to almost nothing. As a result most days they cannot afford to put food on the table.

5 people live in a house with only 3 rooms in order to be closer to church and God.

We would like to pay for Jerome’s rent for 3 months: May, June and July. He has helped us tremendously in our missions as a translator and volunteer in the community. Jerome is also a reader in the Gishali community. He receives no salary for the work he does for the church. The church here has no money to pay its employees.

We would also like to buy him various food products: rice, bananas and oil.

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