You can help feed the hungry in Africa

Your support of $5 will provide children with lunch for 4 days because no one should go hungry.

We organize recreational camps for the children in Africa with the blessing of the His Eminence Bishop Innocentios of Rwanda and Burundi.

The Camp’s 5th Edition: was hosted during Epiphany (2020). Some of the activities include: the divine liturgy, bible study, songs, make-your-own-cross workshop, painting, painting icons on glass, sharing meals together.

During this trip:

we fed


African children and parents

we organized


Camps (consisting of 2 days each)

We would like to host our 8th edition camp in honor of the Christmas Celebration. We plan on feeding all the children that attend, and depending on the remaining funds we may purchase additional supplies for the kids or donate funds to persons in need. 

You can give now using any credit/debit card or through PayPal. Every dollar counts!

Where does my donation money go?


Give a little. Help a lot.

There’s not a single person in our organization who earn a salary.

Typically, donation funds are spent in the following order:

Organizing Children’s Camps

Rwanda and Burundi

Food: Breakfast – tea/sweetened milk with bread
Lunch – rice, beans/plantains/green beans/cabbage (depending on the season), eggs, meat
Arts & Crafts: Brushes, crayons, pencils.
Transportation: Pay for clergy and choir transport to church.

Buying Supplies

They Have Someone Who’s Got Their Back

School supplies

Feminine products (#1 reason girls do not attend school is due to a lack of pads/tampons)

Children’s School Taxes

Every Child Deserves An Education

We pay for some children’s private/public school taxes. We typically opt for cases where €20 – €100 can cover a whole semester.

Transport/Lodging/Food Organization’s camp facilitators/volunteers

Because They Need Your Help

Until now this expense has been covered personally by each volunteer/facilitator.

In the future we would like to organize a minimum of 2 children’s camps per year. One in honor of the winter feasts (Christmas/Epiphany), and one in honor of the Paschal feast. We will of course consider additional dates depending on the children’s schedules. 

Thank you for considering joining us in the movement to help feed the hungry in Africa!

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