Children’s Camp in Rwanda and Buruni

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Rejoice with in Africa!

Tune in to see what the kids like to do everyday
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3,367 lei of 5,000 lei raised

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Our Activities
Hot Meals
Music and Dance
Painting - Drawing
Soccer and Other Sports
Group Prayer
Arts & Crafts
Bible Study
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portret bishop Innocentios

"I bless the “Christ in Africa” Association to work in education and especially in organizing children's camps.

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Breakfast - tea/sweetened milk with bread
Lunch - rice, beans/plantains/green beans/cabbage (depending on the season), eggs, meat.

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Brushes, crayons, pencils, watercolors, paper / glass, clay, needles, thread, balls, Quilling tools, glue, wood, leather, cotton clothes.

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Organizing Children’s Camps Costs: Transport/Lodging/Food Organization’s camp facilitators/volunteers

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I have seen with my own eyes how little is needed for some people to live, be grateful and give thanks to God. It goes to show how faith and sacrifice can be actively practiced as opposed to solely learning theological theory without practice.

Sorin Tănase
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I have been touched by the people’s unassuming dutifulness, commitment and obedience despite the fact that a large majority of them are young adults and children.

Victor Emanuel Petrovici
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The first time the children grasped a paint brush they uncovered a wondrous universe before us, filled with the life and color of how they view the world: luscious plants, exotic animals, pious angels, people of color and many scribbled words giving thanks to God.

Georgiana Petrovici
Teacher Of Plastic Arts
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Thanks to the Christ in Africa organization, we were able to host 2-3 day camps in Rwanda for the very first time. The youth that surround us represent the future of the church.

Ieronim Habimana
Reader at St. Catherine Parish
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The work you do is awe inspiring, because while you know how to effectively lead and organize children’s camps, you can also relate to the locals and can truly understand their way of thinking.

Andrei Kubwimana
Translator and Animator
fr petros
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The mission was especially valuable for the youth. As a result of the activities they participated in, their perspective shifted. They will reflect more carefully on the Holy Mother of God, Christ, the Saints and the Holy Mysteries of the church. We hope to see you again soon!

Fr. Petru Bicamumpaka
Priest at the Church of St. Trinity and teacher of French and Kinyarwanda
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The children from our parish love the camps, because they get to do what they love! They are unassuming and kind. I hope more people continue to become this way.

Anastasios Tuyisenge
Reader at the Parish of St. Apostles
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divine liturgy
Help a church buy a bell

announces the beginning of the service and is intended to call the faithful to the Liturgy.

Every Wednesday morning at 4 am
Night Liturgy

At 6 AM the parishioners start working in the fields and prefer starting their day with Christ. Some even come from towns further away and have to leave their homes at 2:00am in order to have time to walk to the church.

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orthodox synod african bishop and priests
scoala africana copii
People & Places
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300 children

Church is dedicated to the Synaxis 12 apostles (June 30).


200 children

One of the most active communities in Rwanda. Servants: Fr. Panagiotis and Fr. Timothy. Feast: Nativity of the Theotokos.


Gishari - 200 childen

Church is dedicated to St. M. Catherine (November 25th). Servants: Deacon Theodore, Reader Jerome.


Kaziba - 300 children

Fr. Maximum - father of 7 children, leads a very big community that do not have a functional church.


Nyamata - Fr. Peter

Church is dedicated to Pentecost and was first established in Rwanda in 2012. There are over 100 baptized believers.


Assumption Cathedral - Bujumbura, Burundi

This building was initially abandoned by the greeks in the 1960s. It has been repurposed by Africans and now serves as an Orthodox Cathedral. Father Basil is now the happy parish priest of 250 believers.


Buramata - Church and school with over 900 children

Responsible: Fr. Nectarios. Patron: St. Alexius of Rome.

Sf. Arsenie

Parish of St. Arsenius the Great

In Bujumbura, Fr. Sylvester takes care of the church and the annex building which could serve as a missionary centre.

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Rwandan Traditional Dance
Joy manifested in an original way

The lyrics: "He opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open." Revelation 3:7

1,498.00$ 7 February 2021
541.00$ 27 July 2020
330.00$ 29 August 2020
250.00$ 8 December 2020
182.00$ 30 October 2020
120.00$ 4 October 2020
84.00$ 29 August 2020
48.00$ 4 October 2020
38.20$ 29 August 2020
25.00$ 17 January 2021
24.20$ 8 September 2020
22.00$ 25 October 2020
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About us

Our vision is to make sure that every Orthodox-Christian in Africa feels like someone's got their back.

Contact us

+40 754 90 70 36